Holy Shitgoose! Fall Racing, Rubbin’ and Beyond

Shiiiiiiiiiiit, where did fall go? We’ve been too busy getting weird to notice. On the racing side of the game, Team Shitgoose has been killing it in gravel, cyclocross and alleycats all season. Here’s the score: 10516792_10203043168259951_5990667642395994936_n +1: We welcomed Nikki Munvez to our shitty sorority in October. Slayer of all things cyclocross and alleycat, she recently returned from our northern neighbors with three 1st places at La Course Des Morts (1st female and 5th overall in the out-of-towner Friday night race, 1st female fixed and 1st overall female in the main race). Canadian Rob also brought Team SG glory at the out-of-towner alleycat at La Course Des Morts with a solid podium finish.

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+2 Earlier in the fall, we also welcomed Kat McCarthy and Sveta Vold to the flock. Kat is a veteran alleyKat rider and organizer (she’s organized Babes in Bikeland the past 4 years!), and this fall she gave ‘cross racing a spin for the first time, racking up experience at Metal Cross, Green Acres, Red Barn and the Tuesday Night series. Sveta seeks challenges like no other- Attempting the Winter Triple Crown of fatbike racing, riding Almanzo on a fatbike, and a slew of other off-road and endurance events. Welcome!


David. Fucking. Smith. After completing a strong season at the ‘drome, David’s taking the ranks of cat 4/5 cyclocross by storm. He’s racked up six top-5 finishes, including a win at Jackson Meadow CX and three additional podiums. 1932382_10105325744741780_1075999581036603675_n

Oh yeah, and unsanctioned racing? David finished 2nd at Scaredy Cat and 1st at Track or Treat. 10660205_10204255959452815_5433876282628268788_nOverall, Team SG had 7 riders finish in the top 16 at Scaredy Cat. Ben Lazer and Robbie took 7th and 8th, respectively, and Drew, Ben H., Andy and Jana (3rd female) finished shortly after. Drew-CRACCC2Jana and Ben Lazer took home respective 1st places in the Civilian category at NACCC, as well as 1st overall and 1st woman at No Name 103. Drew did us proud and selfied his way into first place at CRACCC.

Paulie, Ben Lazer, Chris H, Sveta, Max and Ed flew the SG banner at the Filthy 50 this year, with Lazer and Paulie sneaking in to round out the top 50 out of several hundred finishers. Back on the ‘cross circuit, you can find a flock of Geese at any given weekend CX race. Kat, Corey, Drew, David, Bryan, Ed, Max, Andy, Ben H, Ben W and Chris G have all contributed to multiple team wins at local races.

10308895_10204215719046830_7281096125695692715_nBen H managed to beat a couple 15-year-olds at Green Acres CX, and maybe a few others. Those juniors, man. PHEW. That does it, for now. Team Shitgoose will be out ruffling feathers at VeloCX in Blaine and the MN CX State Championships a few weeks later. Thanks for tuning in. Get rad, stay weird.

Sh!tgoose Takes Podium Spots at Babes in Bikeland 8


Congrats to Jana Velo and Robbie Jensen for throwing down at Babes in Bikeland 8 over the weekend.  Jana came in 2nd place (pictured above on left), missing 1st place by about 20 seconds to Lee Penn (shown above on the right).  Robbie came in 3rd place a few minutes after Jana.  Congrats on the race and keep on crushing it.  Thanks Kat for organizing with the wonderful crew of women that made this event happen.  This is truly one of my favorite bike events of the year